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About Living Better with COVID-19 @Home

After three years of lockdowns, face-masks and illness, facilitated workshops and accompanying toolkits provided guidance to help individuals and families prepare for living safely with the virus in the community by creating their own plan to deal with COVID in the household.

Adapting to our ever-changing 'new normal', Arab Council Australia and Western Sydney University came together and designed an online resource based on the home management tool kit in English and in Arabic, that the community can access through Council’s website.

The online resource includes links to up-to-date information about the virus, safety measures and NSW Health guidelines plus an interactive online workshop built from the original face-to-face workshops.

This innovative initiative will continue to be available beyond the project term for as long as COVID-19 remains a concern in the community.

We hope that these resources will aid you in confidently finding information as well as helping you create your very own COVID Plan on a Page for yourself and family!