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Tabiea, the Arabic word for Nature, is an initiative of both the Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC) and Arab Council Australia (ACA), aimed at increasing the awareness of climate change and advocating for climate action in Western Sydney, with a focus on Arabic-speaking communities in the region.

Why Western Sydney?

Western Sydney is becoming more and more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We are already facing severe heat waves and 50-degree days, extreme weather events, biodiversity loss and poor air quality. This in turn is adding financial impacts in the form of increased energy, medical, agricultural and infrastructure costs.

Our area also has the potential to wield large amounts of power. We have many marginal seats that politicians value. Our vision for the future matters.


Why now?

Without climate action, the effects of global warming in Western Sydney will become worse. Right now, we have an incredible opportunity to lead the change required to get us out of this mess. We have all the solutions; we just need to make it happen.


Our climate policy

This initiative supports the NCC's climate change policies including:

  • Lobbying for Government targets and policies in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Supporting a transition to a low-carbon, net zero emissions nation by 2035
  • Progress to a renewable energy target of 100% by 2030
  • Increasing energy efficiency and design for a low-carbon future
  • Reducing greenhouse gas pollution from transport by advocating for a transition to clean renewable energy
  • Maintaining biodiversity by coordinating development and habitat conservation and preserving water resources
  • Minimising waste of resources and energy.


You can view the NCC’s full climate change policy by clicking here.

What can you do?

Our Western Sydney campaign is seeking volunteers and supporters who are willing to help us raise awareness about climate change and its impact on our region and lead the charge on climate action.

By being part of our campaign, you will send a powerful message to policymakers that Western Sydneysiders are serious about climate change and its impact on our region and that we will support policies and initiatives that will make this a better place for us to live.

You can support our campaign directly or indirectly, personally or as part of a group or community.

You can support us with:

  • Advocacy and campaigning
  • Workshops and events
  • Community conversations and Research.  


We always get asked what people can do personally to support climate action. The following are some actions you can take:

  • Spread the word
  • Seek renewable sources of energy
  • Save energy at home
  • Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle
  • Walk, cycle, carpool & use public transport.    

Volunteer with us!

Western Sydney is a large region to cover, and we need your help.

Our Tabiea campaign is seeking volunteers who can help us spread our message within our communities and ensure our campaign reaches as much of Western Sydney as possible.  

If you can spare some time and would like to volunteer, please click here to fill out your details and we will call you for a catch-up.

Climate Action Pledge

Take our climate action pledge to support climate action and the aims of the Tabiea initiative. Take the pledge here.

The NCC’s privacy policy can be found here.  

For further information about this Western Sydney Tabiea campaign please contact:

Bud Moses


0493 972 875